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Steve Islava.  Firefighter/Paramedic and Inventor Extraordinaire.

Steve IslavaSometimes they’ve been written up on a paper napkin. Other times, they were sketched out on a whiteboard at the firehouse between calls. Still other ideas came about simply right on the spot during a rescue or resuscitation, driven by the inventor’s ceaseless and altruistic inner directive that there has to be a better, safer way of doing things.

No matter how the ideas originated, Steve Islava has always had the talent and motivation for coming up with simple, elegant and often ingenious products or improvements that make things easier, render patients more comfortable or save lives.  Steve’s high-profile products have been featured in a number of hit TV shows such as ER, and have been worn on-set in major films by famous actors including Jack Nicholson and Jennifer Lopez. Steve also serves as technical and creative consultant to several global companies who have acquired the patents to his products.

A 30-year firefighter/paramedic veteran with a degree in Fire Science, Steve has worked mostly in Orange County, California. After dedicating so much of his life to helping others in their time of need, Steve recently retired from the fire service to devote his full-time efforts to the fitting role of inventor and entrepreneur.