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Frequently Asked Questions

SIPQuik Vacuum Cervical Splint

Q. Does the SIPQuik Vacuum Cervical Splint address the medical community’s concerns with the current rigid c-collars that have been shown to increase injury to the patient?
A. Yes, an independent study has shown that the SIPQuik does NOT restrict jugular venous return, nor does it cause unwanted traction (distraction) on the neck.

Q. Does the SIPQuik Vacuum Cervical Splint fit everyone?
A. Yes, the SIPQuik is a “one size fits all” product, eliminating the need to properly size the patient or maintain an inventory of many different sizes. The SIPQuik fits small children, large football players as well as patients with Osteoporosis and Kyphosis.

Q. Can you perform a Needle Cricothyrotomy with the SIPQuik Vacuum Cervical Splint?
A. Yes, the needle Cricothyrotomy would be performed while the patient is stabilized. Then simply apply the SIPQuik cervical splint on the patient backwards, with the chin opening towards the back and the end flaps toward the front, exposing the cricothyrotomy site. The SIPQuik can then be deflated as usual, and it performs equally well in this backwards position.

Q. What about a patient with a stoma?

A. Use the same technique as with a needle cricothyrotomy.

Q. Can you perform an MRI or X-Ray with the SIPQuik Vacuum Cervical Splint in place?
A. Yes, the SIPQuik is designed to accommodate both X-ray and MRI procedures when the vacuum tubing is clamped and the vacuum pump is removed.

Q. Is the SIPQuik Vacuum Cervical Splint Latex free?
A. Yes, there is no Latex used in the production of the SIPQuik.


Q. What are the benefits of the NebuFlex?
A. The NebuFlex allows the treatment of the patient in all positions including supine. The flexible tubing levels the nebulizer bowl to allow proper disbursement of the medication.

Q. Does the NebuFlex decrease the effectiveness of treatment?
A. Independent laboratory testing has confirmed that there is no impact on the treatment of the patient with the NebuFlex. It allows the patient to be treated in a comfortable position with minimal supervision by medical staff.

Q. What makes the Continuous Care Nebulizer different than other nebulizers?
A. The Continuous Care Nebulizer has a patented port on the side of each unit that allows for the administration of additional medication without discontinuing treatment.

Q. Has the Continuous Care Nebulizer been tested for effectiveness?
A. Yes, the Continuous Care Nebulizer has been thoroughly tested by the FDA and we have received 510K approval on the product.