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Care 2 Innovations

Founded in 2009, Care 2 Innovations is the brainchild of veteran paramedic/firefighter Steve Islava, who combines his problem-solving ideas with more than 30 years of hands-on experience in the field. Always looking for ways to do it better, Steve loves to channel his creativity and zeal for design to invent products that have, among other achievements, helped patients stay comfortable and safe while allowing first responders and healthcare providers to stabilize them and provide effective, enhanced care.

Widely utilized by fire departments and EMS agencies across the globe, Care 2 Innovations products are also employed in a variety of healthcare settings including hospitals, physicians’ offices, urgent care clinics, skilled nursing facilities, private in-home healthcare, and assisted living homes. Steve’s products are even used by the United States military and the Israeli Defense Force.

Over the years, Steve has patented and created dozens of products that have aided in communication (Simplified Spanish for Firefighters, Paramedics and EMTs language translation booklet/CD); added safety features to buildings (Dial Fire Fire Escape Ladder; enhanced patient comfort and safety with devices such as inflatable splints; and even offered laughter and comfort to critically ill children (Laffy Laffalot).

And that’s just the beginning.

Steve holds 16 domestic and international patents on a number of outstanding inventions, many of which have been sold to leading, multi-national healthcare corporations. Today, Steve continues to design, innovate and engineer products that offer elegant—yet simple—solutions to some of the more common and challenging issues that face first responders and healthcare professionals.